August 2nd, 2020

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This week's upcoming events...


Monthly theme is Appliances

3 Monday Contest Starts: Theme is Dogs

5 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Neon Lights AND Lighting of any kind

7-9 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Lifesavers AND Oregon Trail (Anything related to the game, so any kind of supplies needed, any kind of ad for the states traveled through, any kind of medicine for the ailments you'll probably die of, etc)

**Mod Note** Please be advised I'm having major computer issues (well, actually blue screen of death; tho somehow I gave it CPR this morning; but it will flat line at any time and I already know all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't revive this thing, ever again). So I'm posting/scheduling this week's posts (duh) while I can.

I KNOW I have to post the finalists for July but I'm trying to bail out any/all files I can from my computer first. So that might be sometime later in the week, fingers crossed. I have internet on my phone but it's difficult to type on there for me, so I really try not to, too much. Thanks in advance for your patience.
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Contest Starts Tomorrow!

August's contest starts TOMORROW and the theme is Dogs in ads!

Our rule post:

1. You MUST put 'Contest Entry' in the subject line or I will not tally the votes for your post

2. Voting is via a YES in the comments (I do not count 'likes' of the post, you must type in a 'yes' in the comments)

3. Print or video ads are fine

4. All vintage ads rules apply EXCEPT: only ONE AD PER ENTRY

5. As always, non contest/non event ads are ALWAYS welcome!!

6. Hem and haw rule: How are you coping with all the staying in, wearing a mask, kids going back to school? I don't mind staying in, that's my usual MO. Not very adapt at wearing a mask & my glasses keep getting steamed up. It scares the hell out of me kids going back to school, as in Ohio we've had an increase with places opening back up. Or do you think this is all a hoax? No fear of judgment here if you do (seriously, be considerate to someone else's viewpoint). We can disagree, yet do so cordially. (I'm really naive at times, I know; but wouldn't it be nice???)

7. The MOST important rule of vintage ads: HAVE FUN!!!

***Reminder: I have not tallied the July finalists yet because I have a computer on life support, then have to find a replacement at little to no cost (we're a big budget operation here ;) & get that all set up.