December 31st, 2020

  • misstia

Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!



Monthly theme is NEW! Products, anything, advertised as "new".

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Welcome ads from 2001 AND Boots

We have a 20 year rule here for vintage ads, so let's welcome ads from 2001!! (Why is it still 1984 in my mind, no that's not a political statement, never read the book do know premise; but I mean literally 1984)


Ads for boots, open for interpretation, so if you find an ad with Gypsy Boots (a peoples) that's 100% okay with me!
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  • misstia

Our 2021 Calendar thus far

Here is a link to Vintage Ads' 2021 calendar thru the end of February. I have included the monthly themes and contest for the rest of the year, as I know some of you like to get a head start on posting. I'm actually done thru August but didn't want to post that all yet in case I get towards the end of the year and have to change things, realize I have duplicate events somewhere, etc. I have included all suggested ideas.

Vintage Ads behind the scenes. We're really high tech here, as you can see. I didn't have a 2021 wall calendar so I had to make one in a notebook, cuz it's just easier to work that way. And I scribble stuff out, change things, as I go along.


I have 5 notebook pages filled on both sides of all possible events. Many from this year, as we'll always have cat, car, candy, etc ads (tho I always try to change how they are: ie: cats was a contest in 2020, in 2021 cats are a weekend event), new ones I thought of, suggestions, etc. I flip thru these constantly while filling out each month. I've tried to include one new/suggested idea every month to spread them out. And yes, I did accidentally leave the Superbowl out of February. So I'll double check when it'll be, and toss that in there.