April 4th, 2021


This week's upcoming events...

5 Monday Contest Starts: Sneakers/Tennis Shoes

6 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Jobs You'd Love AND Jobs You'd Hate

8-11 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Products known just by letters and/or numbers, including car models (ie: Z28, A-1) AND Cutaway Ads AND Funeral Related
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Contest Starts Tomorrow!

Mod Note: No, finalists haven't been posted for March's contest, I apologize and hope to finish that today or tomorrow at the latest.

5 April Contest Starts: Sneakers/Tennis Shoes (whatever you call 'em) in Ads

Ads for sneakers/tennis shoes, ads that include them, essentially any ad where they make a prominent appearance.

Our rule post:

1. You MUST put 'Contest Entry' in the subject line or I will not tally the votes for your post

2. Voting is via a YES in the comments (I do not count 'likes' of the post, you must type in a 'yes' in the comments)

3. Print or video ads are fine

4. All vintage ads rules apply EXCEPT: only ONE AD PER ENTRY

5. As always, non contest/non event ads are ALWAYS welcome!!

6. Hem and haw rule: It was 11 degrees and snowing on 4/1, today it'll be 70.

7. The MOST important rule of vintage ads: HAVE FUN!!!
hall & oates

Rule Reminder

You can post anything Hall & Oates related without an ad since they're our patron saints.

Imagine my surprise seeing this car in the Target parking lot. And that's a real phone #, I have it in my contacts. The same people also have an ER Steely Dan line & Phil Collins line, yes, just THAT drum solo is an option.