January 2nd, 2022

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This week's upcoming events...

MONTHLY THEME IS: NEW! Any product, object, etc depicted as 'new' in ads

4 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Seattle and Pest Control

5 Wednesday Contest Starts: Fitness (Diet food or drinks, exercise equipment, gyms, etc)

6 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: History Never Repeats (ie: PSA's to wear a mask for Spanish flu, etc) and Miami

7-9 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Line Art and Owls and Bowie Break the Rules
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  • misstia

Our Event Calendar is Done!!

Finally!!! HERE is our Vintage Ads 2022 event calendar that goes thru January 31, 2023. There are more events than ever before this year. When tallying contest entry votes I'd notice there'd be 'empty' days of no posts but on event days there'd be a lot of posts. Let's see how this goes!

PLEASE keep in mind, regardless of any event, you can post any kind of ad at any time. Example: there's an event for birds and beer but you want to post an ad for cookies, you post that cookie ad!!! You aren't forced to participate in events and you can post to beat of your own drummer!!

Vintage Ads behind the scenes: I hand drew a calendar for every month to fill in.


I have 5 pages back & front filled with events. Is there a way to do this all online easier? No idea; but this works for me.