1967 Barbie ad with a Young Maureen McCormick

Interesting factoid:

The Twist 'n Turn Barbie was based on '60's supermodel Jean Shrimpton.

Of course, what really makes me cringe about the ad is the turning in of "old" Barbies. Yeah, T 'n T's are worth a bit these days, but a lot of girls were probably trading in Barbie #1's for the new stuff--dolls worth thousands of bucks in today's market.
My favorite part is the little girls skipping towards the toy store with their old Barbies in-hand, like a miniature compulsive shopper army.
Does anyone remember an old Barbie that had a switch or button on her back, and when you pressed it, she'd do a little half-twist? I thought that was it but apparently not. My grandmother had one of those in her house when I was little; I think it was one of my aunts' when she was a kid.
That's a pretty doll. The kids trading them in probably didn't think of their old dolls' value in the future. I probably wouldn't have either.
That was my first Barbie! I was seven, and my mom would not let me have one before that, because she thought they were too mature. I played with Barbies until I was twelve. I think Barbie was aimed at older kids then than she is now.

Also, in those days most girls just had one or two dolls and lots of outfits and accessories. It wasn't like now where there are lots of different theme dolls in their own outfits.
I didn't have a lot of outfits, and the shoes invariably got lost. I had a babysitter who knitted me a dress one time for my doll, but basically my mom thought having the doll was enough.
I have a keychain version of this one! :'D Ironically, it does not twist...nor does it turn.
I had one of the old ponytail/sideways eyes Barbies circa 1961.

I HAD one of the old ponytail/sideways eyes Barbies.

I threw it in the trash when I was 9 years old because it was on old hand me down played with by both my older half sisters in turn, and I had newer and hence better Barbies (not the TNT barbie-one of the cheapie Malibus sold at Wal Mart for a couple of bucks.)

I would like to go back in time and beat the crap out of my younger self. :-(

(I also threw out one of the original articulated 12" GI Joes, the one millions of little girls imagined Barbie leaving Ken for.

I really, really want to go back in time and beat up my stupid younger self.)

After all that Doll Destructiveness, I wound up a Barbie collector-perhaps in an attempt at undoing my earlier stupidity.

I had late '70s Barbies that aren't worth much now. If I'd been born fifteen years earlier, I'd be rich.

Well, not really, since I'd never part with my childhood dolls. I still have all my cheesy Superstar and Pretty in Pink Barbies. Wouldn't take a thousand bucks for 'em.

BTW, those pony-tail side-eyes Barbies were gorge. My third favorite, behind sidepart American Girls and T 'n T's. My condolences on your loss. :(
I wish Barbie still had "real" lashes when I was a kid in the 80s.
I hate the turning in of the dolls too but only because you generally LOVE your dolls, and the idea of trading up for a new model is somehow wrong.
I agree! When I heard the whole trading thing, I was just like "whoa..as if THATS not a scheme to make money"