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tis the time to bring out the lysol douche ads! yes if a man's love begins to cool, don't question him, smell your crotch and douche with lysol!

Good Golly!!

disinfect my hoohaw??? when did that become the only thing to do?
The bit of this ad that makes me laugh hardest, every time it's posted, is "...the very source of objectionable odors is eliminated." 'Source', meaning, presumably, the entire vaginal canal. So really, they're being very honest about the fact that benzalkonium chloride in sufficient concentration will burn away your skin. Good on them.
When I first heard about this I thought it was some special douche formula Lysol made but it seems like it really means "douche with Lysol." That's pretty horrific.
Honey, if he's locking himself in the closet to avoid having sex with's not because you need to Lysol your vagina. Trust Uncle Mary.

Associated Spot: When you're leading a life of quiet desperation and don't want her to find out you've been beneath the boardwalk all day with other men...Lavoris!
I would love to here from someone who tried this.

No, I will not ask my grandmother.

Yes, I know all these douching ads were also subtle hints at contraceptive use but DANG! Feminine odor was that big a marketing ticket back in the day?
Yup. I remember these from my childhood (and my parents steadfastly refused to explain them).
"Madge, you're still douching with lard? Get with the times and try Lysol, no greasy aftereffect and leaves you smelling as clean as a surgery."

Yes girls use lysol today, lest your husband spend more time at the 'lodge.'
Re: AGAIN seems someone is pilfering ads....i wonder if boingoing has a reporting place....i'll have to check that out....if someone is gonna pilfer an ad the least they could is give the community credit....
Oh God. I can only imagine how incredibly unpleasant that would feel...