American Airlines, 1950

Mother hatches a plan to ditch Father and Junior in Mexico after reading American Airlines' condescending ad copy.

"Carefully, for months on end, she looks for just the right place to give father a good rest."

'Cause God knows she doesn't need a vacation herself.
Child rearing, doing all the household cooking and laundry, and scrubbing every inch of the house with a toothbrush for 12 hours a day take barely any effort! I don't know why you'd think she needs to relax, she's such a layabout as it is. :B
Any woman that complains of needing a rest break as much as her hard working husband is just being a lazy little ingrate.
Well it's not like she has a real job! After all, Father has to go sit in an office and harass the girls from the steno pool all day. He deserves a vacation.
Oh come on, she's totally blissed out on Valium. She probably doesn't even remember how she spends her days:P
What does that guy need a vacation for? He can fish in his back yard.
Perhaps she's going to lure him to Mexico, then pay some hit men to make him disappear. It's much easier to get away with murder if it happens in another country. :D
Totally. That plane above is a sick angel of death symbol. She's got the insurance all squared away. She knows exactly what she's doing.
'Cause, you know, waking up early to make your husband and child(ren) coffee and a hot breakfast (respectively) and sending them off with their lunches, cleaning up after them and washing the dishes, then perhaps throwing a load of their dirty clothing in the machine and vacuuming while waiting for it to stop, then folding the laundry while perhaps catching your favorite soap. Then you prepare your children's favorite snacks for when the little dears come home. Then it's time to clean the bathroom and when you're done with that, start preparing dinner while washing and cleaning up as you go along. While dinner cooks you freshen up so your husband won't be turned off. When he gets home, put on a happy face and listen to your husband bitch and moan about oh how tired he is and those darn chatty kathys in the office that grate on his nerves, women are so annoying and emotional. You clean up after your family while the kids run off to play and your husband puts his feet up and watches the game.

Yeah, that's a pretty sweet job right there, you wouldn't need to take a vacation, why you only do this seven days a week.

/a rambling summary about a mid-century hausfrau.
Don't forget the Lysol. You don't want dear hubby to be locked out of intimacy with wifey-poo, do you?!
The more the merrier! As long as "more" refers to wifey-poo's homicidal subtext, that is. ;)
Mid-century? Try every day of my life! Except there's no "freshening up so he won't be turned off" in THIS house. LOL. Oh no. He gets me, perspiration, messed up hair and no make-up; the whole uber glam package. And he wonders why I keep saying I need a vacation, away from the kids, AND him. I work from son up to son down.
"You'll find your holiday starts the moment you board the plane."

If only THAT were still true (assuming it ever was).
It is if you can fly business or first. Oh, how I love the perks of international business travel. Oh, how I (and all 6'1" of my being) miss them now that the economy has tanked.
It looks like he's using an airplane for a lure. I don't think he really understands fly fishing.

Everyone pretty much already posted what I was going to say. All I can add is "amen!"