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This one is both a summertime ad and a oh-look-at-what-the-future-will-be-like ad (which would make another awesome contest category, methinks.)
Well, at least he has a proper lawn chair this time. What's with the microphone, though? Is robotic lawnmower ~sentient~? Cause, yanno, I'd rather get UP and mow that tiny sputz of a lawn than risk IA!

So everything was just peachy for Lazy Bob until Skynet became a fully owned subsidiary of Dow Chemicals...

Oh, and where's my garish colours?

Pee Ess: Sorry about the small text - I got this from the net. I'll see if I can find an embiggened version of it.
EDIT Here is some of the copy:
One day, by simply speaking into a microphone, you may be able to control an electrical “gardener” to mow the grass, cultivate the flower beds, trim the hedges and do other yard work. And all the while you’ll be relaxing in the shade.

Your present electric appliances are just the beginning of real electric living. Already the electronic oven can cook your food in seconds. One day you may have an electric “gardener” like the one pictured above. You home will be kept dust-free and clean automatically. And electricity will launder your clothes without water.

You will be putting much more power to work – and you’ll have all you need. This year alone, American’s electric light and ppower companies are spending 5 billion dollars on plants and lines for your future electric living. They plant to double the electric supply in 10 short yers.

The independent electric companies are willing and able to provide all the electricity you need, now and for the years ahead. You can couint on the men and women of your local electric company for a consistent, plentiful supply of electricity to make your life more satisfying and enjoyable.
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yes, what the future will look like! i'll add that to the list!
I love the little satellite dish on top of the lawn mower robot.

Oh, it's mowing and trimming the hedge at the same time - clever!
Oh, it's mowing and trimming the hedge at the same time - clever!

That's because it acquires knowledge exponentially!
O_O I was gonna pop in here and comment on how it was cutting down all the flowers! I thought the hedge was a -wall-, and I couldn't figure out how cutting down all the pretty flowers was in any way an improvement!
I would totes have one of those in my yard!

With an optional shotgun/flamethrower/grenade launcher to help with miscreants & zombies.
to help with miscreants & zombies
Whew - I'm glad someone finally thinks like I do!
All the power we'll need, huh? That's why some cities, my home of Denver included, encourages conservation to avoid rolling blackouts, right?
I could really, really use one of those right now. Instead, I've seriously considered getting one of those old no-power reel mowers, and the mower my dad uses is from the late 60s - he's got a few others, and that one works the best. Some parts of the future haven't advanced very much at all, it seems.