That makes me sad. I wish that things were still designed and built to last, rather than to be replaced in a year or two.
Yeah, now they just record choppy video with their phone, throw on some credits in Movie Maker, and autotune the soundtrack. Much better.

"But Grandad, I wanted an iPod!"

"Nope! You'll cart this around, and you'll like it!"
What in the world would have made them think people would still be using those three generations later? ...Unless they meant that in the sense of an antique, which, I mean, I have an antique record player and all, but.
O.o I would, its most far more durable then modern media recorders.
and yeah i have a record player to. i use it more then my MP3 player. but i still like my phonograph better.
The player itself might be pretty durable but magnetic tape isn't. And it's certainly lacking in portable convenience...
Your grandson will think it's super cool. Your great grandson will think it's just old and stupid as hell.

As I recently heard:
"Well, we didn't have CDs when I was a kid, we listened to tapes though."

"Tapes... like... the sticky kind??"
Oh no... feeling old...

I had a tape deck in my '99 Beetle, which I retired in late 2008. It also had a six-disc changer, but the first thing I played in the car was a cassette (Big Black's "Songs about F*cking", cued up to Bad Penny).

I made sure that track was also the first in my new car. However that time I was playing it from a direct line plug to my MP3 player.

Meanwhile, I still have a Tandberg reel-to-reel two-track deck. I'm trying to convert an old radio production reel from my college days. I visited my old college recently and explained to some of the kids how we would make ads and IDs using tape desks.
I still have a tape deck in my '97 Starlet - however it only plays cassettes, not reel-to-reel. :-D
You could just imagine the equivalent now, as you hand over a treasured iPod, kept through the decades, to your grandchildren. They wouldn't even know what an mp3 was...
Great ad.
A Reel to Reel machine! I've never had one but I want one.

I'm into retro tech.

I have a Stylophone, and a Casio VL-1 keyboard. I'm just sorry I gave away my C64 system years ago.
Re: Great ad.
Thanks! If I had a time machine I'd go back and ask your great-grandfather to buy one, just so you could inherit. ;-)
I just found out the phone I bought for $100 last year is selling for $1 on ebay. The span for obsolescence keeps getting shorter and shorter.