Yes we must kill germs in that dirty dirty vagina, and of course it must not have any sort of odor whatsoever, or else our husbands won't ever want to put their pristine penises into us! WHATEVER SHALL WE DOOOOO??

Sort of reminds me of the whole Lysol thing lol.
My most intimate marriage problem is fights about money. Someone I don't think disinfecting my hoohaw is going to help with that. sorry Norform!
well a money fight could start because the woman is spending so much keeping her hoohaw nice and clean and spring like fresh!
I think that, like the Lysol ads, these were code-speak for contraceptives. This booklet for Norforms from 1968 certainly implied they were a contraceptive while explicitly denying it. Note that the Comstock laws forbidding dispensing contraceptives was only struck down for married women in 1965 and was not struck down for single women until 1972.
That was my first thought - especially since this ad points out that it provides a "protective film that permits long-lasting protection".
Killing vaginal bacteria. This sounds like a yeast infection waiting to happen.
I always flashback to my reading of Even Cowgirls Get The Blues by Tom Robbins whenever I see an ad like this. I picture cowgirl vigilantes storming the land shouting "VAGINAS ARE SELF-CLEANING ORGANS!" Or however that quote went.
The only germs in my vag are from the husband's nasty, filthy sperm. LOL
So what's up with vaginas? So high maintenance, according to advertising!