Pall Mall Cigarettes, 1953

This is one of my favorite ads I've collected so far...the giant hand, the fruity lace-up shirt, the bizarre notion that smoking mild cigarettes will some how protect against "throat-scratch." It's got it all!

Hey, rhett-butler-mustachioed-shoelace-shirt-tied guy! I know how to guard against throat-scratch! DON'T FUCKING SMOKE!

Lol. This is all kinds of awesome.
They could just bullshit you into believing anything back in the day, couldn't they?
What the hell are those illustrations supposed to be measuring? The fact that Pal Malls are longer than the usual cigarette, because it has a filter, or something?

I've never smoked and have never handled cigarettes (despite being around smokers - actually, I handled loose tobacco for a friend who rolled her own, but that's nowhere near the same), so almost everything I know about their construction comes from these kinds of old ads.
I used to smoke but I still have no idea what I'm supposed to be measuring in this ad, haha XD
Humorist and smoker Fran Liebowitz wrote many many years ago about all the proliferating brands of "light' cigarettes, mild to super-mild to ultra-mild. So you got to a cigarette where "it's like you're just inhaling in a warm room".
my dad smokes these. but only because they are the cheapest, haha

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He can close a fist around his entire head. That's the power of Pall Mall!