Are they really trying to look seductive while wearing these?

Mmmm... there's something about a man in a mesh shirt and some space-age puffy shorts...
The name is completely puzzling, these awful things should at least be Trimshorts or something
I saw one of those yesterday--a skin-tight elastic version--on a Vietnamese guy walking the streets of downtown Saigon. He was also wearing tiny booty shorts, and an American-flag-colored headwrap that draped halfway down his back. It was bizarre... especially considering that his figure looked like it would've been obtainable only through the trim-jeans slenderizer thing.
Yes mesh shirt, but what about the poor tiger? Getting lounged on in these atrocities just adds insult to injury. (And I love your icon. Lille My for the win.)
I would boycott this just based on the barbaric tiger-skin rug—never mind that these puffy shorts don't work.
If only weight loss were this easy!! I remember those fitness clubs that I Love Lucy stars worked out in; standing on a platform while a band jiggled their fannies.

The guy sitting there is a dead ringer for a porn actor from the 1970s. In fact, I think it's the same guy.
Trim-Jeans! Decrease the inches on your waist, stomach, hips and thighs by first padding them to increase them artificially.