Aw, I thought it was a mail-order Dress of the Month club! And who is that manly silhouette supposed to represent? Max?
This when "half sizes" were chubbies, hence the "Rite-Fit" label. That one on the left sure is busy, with two different collars, and belt right next to the jewel-held pouf.
For a long time, plus size clothes were never, ever shown on plus sized models. In some companies, they still aren't. The clothes were often hideous enough to start with, but showing them pinned back and tucked in to fit size 14 clothes on size 6 models didn't help. Some brands went as far as making clothes especially for catalogs and ads in sizes smaller than were available retail.
Somewhere there is a photo of the back of the famous model Wilhemina, who formed the modeling agency. She was supposed to be a 4-6 (which was almost plus sized back then) but was actually closer to a 10-12. The back of the dress was completely split and sewn up with what looks like yarn. The front looked FABULOUS, however. Reverse of the ematiated size 0's showing plus sizes. Hilarious. RIP Wilhemina...
Those dresses are made out of acetate or acetate and rayon, which makes them miserable to wear in the Summer. Maybe they're designed to sweat the excess fat off?
Ugh. acetate. Now THAT'S breathable. Some rayons are pretty good in the summer, however.. I compete in dance competitions in some rayon and poly shirts that don't show sweat and dry amazingly fast. I was stunned....but we're talking VERY modern fabrics. Not these, to be sure.

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Somehow the phrase "acetate taffeta", in my mind, equates to that nasty fabric they make cheap Halloween costumes out of.
I suddenly thought...That one on the LEFT in soft black glove leather!!! FIERCE!!!!

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Wow...the thread went eight comments (chronologically) before some sort of reference to the term "gayest social forecast" was made. What was the over-under on that?