Who in god's name ever thought it was a good idea to make their bangs look like a pair of cannoli?
This has been bugging me forever, what is your icon from?

I keep thinking The Little Mermaid but I don't remember a scene in which Ariel was in that position.
Adolescence of Utena! (Aka the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie.) Freaky surreality and feminism combined with shoujo manga tropes, hurray!
I have this feeling that all 10 of those powders are in varying shades of white. Just a hunch.
I can only thinking about messing up your teeth grinding powder in between them. Or maybe getting grit from grinding your teeth? hehe

I'd want to tap on her face, just to see if that fixed social smile is some kind of mask. If she's got Phantom of the Opera issues, y' know, maybe we can work on it.

Psst...have you noticed how gritty Jane's face is?!? I'm not inviting her to my party now.
The thing is, "coarseness" and "grit" are exactly what I think of when I consider the word "minerals" in the context of face makeup.
Me too! The ones I've tried AREN'T gritty, but still, it's basically dirt. Purified, pretty, ground-up rocks.