I don't really get the connection between creepy naked toddlers and bottles of corn syrup, and I don't think I want to.
Why is that child naked? This shit definitely wouldn't be remotely acceptable nowadays. I feel creepy just looking at this ad.
That pie looks more delicious with a naked baby hovering over it.
I don't understand the nekkidness either. So weird.

Is Karo just corn syrup? Are there different flavours? Why the different bottles?
I knew that there were Light and Dark corn syrups, but never knew that it was designated by label color.

A quick check teaches me that dark corn syrup has the blue label. Light (red) has to do with the color of the syrup. Lite (light blue) is the lower-calorie one. Green is pancake syrup, and there's also a brown, for brown-sugar-flavored.
If the "cherubic" Karo Kid and any of those demonic VanCamp's kids don't go head to head in this at the end, I call baloney sandwiches! :)

Born and raised in the deep south. Never once have I heard of, much less eaten, a peanut pie. WTF is this? Looks like a weirdly modified pecan pie.

And "From we-all to you-all..." I get that they're trying to sneak a y'all up in there, but where the heck does w'all come from?

Also, creepy, naked baby.

Actually, I'm still stuck on peanut pie. Has anyone ever eaten it? My brain just can't even.
YES vote, here.
Also a Deep Southerner and I've never heard anyone but Bugs Bunny say "You all," and "We all." BAH!

Ditto peanut pie. It looks disgusting.
I'm currently studying Old English literature...your icon just completely made my week! That's just so awesome, I don't have words!

May I copy it and take it to my class? I just know my prof would get a kick out of it...
The random naked babies doing grown-up gestures, yeah, wtf.

As others have said, southerner here, never heard of peanut pie! Various peanut butter concoctions in pies and cakes, but not peanut. Also, wtf? If you're trying to be southern, it's y'all.
That kid is evil, and I'm not too sure about the recipe either with all that revolting syrup in it as well as sugar.
This "child" is a changeling in disguise and I would be scared to eat anything he gave me.