co-mod post....CONTEST FINALISTS!!!

we have our five finalists for our creepy kids in ad contest! please vote for them on this entry! please put the ad number as a comment of this post...i will post the winner next saturday morning!

finalist #1

finalist #2

finalist #3

finalist #4

finalist #5

upcoming ad contests....

october= ads with medical claims
november= most unappealing food ads WITHOUT jello! (no food ads with jello!)
december= toys they couldn't sell now PLUS toy ads they couldn't advertise in that manner now
january= wintertime ads
february= best ad with a celebrity (pre-fame or after)
It was hard to decide between 2 and 4 but I'll have to end up going with numbah 4.
3 - I live in this Durham now and the city (and Duke University!) was developed to a large extent on money from tobacco. There are imitations of these ads all over the city now, but nothing quite like this!