The best part about that dryer is that it looks like she's wearing a jacket.

You know, to go out.

With her hairdryerpurse.
And can't you just picture a whole gaggle of women with their hairdryerpurses and their mile-long extension cords at the grocery store? Getting all tangled up, prancing around them in their skirts and heels... awesome, I tell you. Awesome.
With one really ticked-off older lady chasing the rest around at the end, waving a skillet!
OMG that hair dryer. My mom had one like that. I vividly remember wearing it a few times when I was a kid.
Mhem. Seeing that fancy hair-dryer, I'm actually thankful for the Iron curtain. Surely my mother had no such device. XD
my mom used to have one of those. Its funny to see the add. Real space age technology there.
We used to have a coffee pot like that when I was a child, back in the USSR 30 years ago. Obviously, Soviet copycats must have reproduced the design. Interestingly, a brand new coffee pot of this make is on sale right now at a shopping mall in my town for about $20. It must be like 20 years old, but still brand new.
That hair dryer looks like a giant sperm cell is coming out of a package of birth control pills to casually rest upon that woman's head. "What? Oh, this? Don't mind me, I've got sex on the brain."