and now its all about generic and substitutes coz its cheaper.....times sure change -- or did they? O_O
I'm glad that someone broke the silence about the horrible counterfeit overall conspiracy. Those inscrutable merchants stealing literally tens of cents from the public because they have no respect for the intelligence and conscientious study that goes into making quality overalls.
A counterfeit jeans ring operating out of my car hole! I'm going to tell everyone. Wait here.
I kind of feel sorry for those who are responsible for the years of conscientious, intelligent study. Of overalls. Surely they ended their days in insane asylums.
I was so, so confused by this ad until I realized I'd overlooked or misunderstood the word "overall" somehow. I thought "HEADLIGHTS" was some sort of alarming euphemism...
And here we see the early roots of what is today fanboyism. Replace a few words in that text and it can be transformed into any Kirk vs Piccard forum post on the 'net today.