And cloyingly oppressive gender essentialism is for everyone!
I actually had a lot of the little plastic keychain phones...they had the slogan on the back!

What can I say? I'm old...
Could be the scan, but she looks like she has... goggle tanlines? XD
What a very aggressive advertising campaign. "You're a girl, aren't you?", as if one should suddenly start to question this if one doesn't have a delightful "pink" fragrance.
Why is she bathing in a pink barrel with a phone attached? Where do you even GET one of those??
Anyone notice that her hair isn't even wet? Where are all those suds coming from? And why does she look drunk?
Well, her hair not being wet is actually a very common thing for a lot of women, especially in period. You need to bathe your body more often than your hair, most of the time.
... okay yeah that's weird. I have a tendency to skim adds and I thought it was bubble bath.

The sexism, it buuuurrrrrnnnnnssss.

Oh, wait, it's just the Lustre Creme shampoo I got in my eye. But my whole head has become one great swirl of whipped-cream lather, so I've got that going for me. And it's PINK!
This is just amusing because of its ridiculousness. Love the colors, too.

Oh wait, does that make me a stereotypical girly-girl? :)
Awww, the phone barrel girl is back. I remember this ad from when it was posted before.

She's a girl! "Pink" is for girls who want to smell like "pink!" Girls who like to use the phone while taking a bath in a barrel and not actually using the shampoo on their hair and who are also still wearing hair accessories.

(She also kind of reminds me of Margot Kidder)

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