ahh - shades of Gone With The Wind here.......

I found it hard to read then and I find it hard to read now - so if I had ever come across an ad like this I would have turned the page and not bothered trying to read the copy.....

however my mom remembers Flit......LOL
1. I had no idea people were using the word "bowdacious" that long ago. That's kind of neat.

2. I'll just bet Miss Lucy's children are real vermin too. I hope she uses Flit on them when they're being brats.
I loved the "bowdacious" too and was as surprised as you it was in use back then.

Miss Lucy's children are vermin, indeed. A shot of Flit is usually good for about 48 hours, as long as Flossie here uses the thorazine blend.
These ads fascinate me and make me so uncomfortable at the same time.
Me too, I downloaded Song of the South for my kiddo and I to watch, both because of my love for early Disney and for the opportunity to talk about how stereotypical depictions of people aren't ok (we live in Arkansas, and some grandparents still have... outdated ideas to say the least).
I think the art is pretty~

And at first I was like "Well, dang! That isn't so bad for stereotypical broken English!" ...but then I read the rest of the ad. :c
*grin* The art is great. I like the near-Impressionism of the artwork.

But the ad copy... wow.

It sho' nuff done leaves m' speechless.