Holy crap, they have a left-handed one!! I think my brain just exploded. This appears to be a company that really likes being useful to consumers.
They have a green button saying that they're water/energy saving, but I don't know if that's just in comparison to a dishwasher or what.
This kicks ass, I would totally get one :D

And I love how they say "Distinctive design" as a euphemism for "Looks bulky and weird -- but hey, it's genuine chrome baby!"
They're really not very big. They just kind of hang out at the back of the sink. Friends in California have one, and it's still in good shape, though I don't know if it actually works.
My mom has one of those, and so did my grandma! If I ever own a house as opposed to renting, I'm totally going to get one because they are every bit as cool as they look. It's wonderful for washing dishes when you only have a few.

Wow, I need an icon for the Wonders of Progress and Science! Or something like that.
We have a thing sort of like that, but it's battery-powered & doesn't spritz water
they don't look that long, and sometimes long nails are practical. . my nails never got in the way of washing dishes *shrugs*
Thanks to the Dishmaster, she need never fear breaking a nail or chipping her polish, you see!
That's kinda neat. I wonder how many people actually had one, considering the price at the time.
I'm totally anthropomorphizing the faucet handles as protruding bug-eyes on some funny robot.