Archie Fruit Slush - late '80s

I distinctly remember this ad. Pretty sure it was in an issue of Archie Comics that I read quite a few times as a kid. I'm thinking around 1987-'88. (EDIT: okay, I'm pretty sure the copyright date on the very bottom says 1988. So yay, I was pretty accurate with my guessing.)

Click to embiggen.

I think my mom bought some of that stuff when I was a kid. Can't remember whether or not I liked it, though. Although, I probably did.
Ah, I love the cheesiness of comic advertisements in Archie comics.

And I don't know what to make of Smither's face in panel four. Did he put something in their fruit slushes? Is he bemused by the fact the teenagers are so excited about getting a certain flavor of fruit slush they're jumping in joy? Or is he thinking about his plan to kill the all?
He's thinking "This stuff won't be around past about 1992 or so."

(disclaimer: I actually have no idea when Fruit Slush was discontinued, heh)
I remember this! And I remember getting my mom to buy me Fruit Slush because of it, haha -- my favorite flavor was Fruit Punch.
I definitely remember these, and the ad. In fact, the last time I was home, I think I saw this very ad in one of my old 321 Contact magazines.
I vaguely remember those being around. I don't know if I had this exactly, but I remember having something like it before.
I loved Fruit Slush! I wish they would have kept making it. :(