Everything was "tonic" back then!

I also love the graphic design on this ad. It's so over-fancy! :)
Phosphate, Citric Acid and Sodium Nitrate

So, fertilizer, orange flavoring and saltpeter is going to cure my perverted ailments. Sign me right up!
"Uterine congestion?" Please tell me this wasn't used orally as an abortifacient. I'm imagining desperate women buying this apparently ineffective product to end an unwanted pregnancy, and the thought makes me sad. This probably worked even less effectively than Lysol, though also less likely to kill the user.

LOL at "perverted secretions," though.

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"Uterine congestion" and "irregularities of menstruation" sound like a broad wink pointing exactly at abortion.
I'm terrified of this product but I am lovin' this ad. So fancy!
Yes for curing "perverted secretions"! I'm not too sure what that means -- female ejaculation? Premature ejaculation? Or something more boring?
Perverted secretions
Perverted secretions (GREAT term!) is, I think, wet dreams and/or masturbation.
Re: Perverted secretions
Wow. I was trying to figure that out, but this sounds just about right!