I can't read the Russian, but I imagine this is an ad indicative of the goods available to citizens in the wake of Lenin's New Economic Policy, which allowed small shops to reopen and for petty commerce. This is actually a pretty fascinating advertisement.
Not only great pleasure, but it looks like they provide candy too.

I'm not sure I'd want to try something from the Peoples' Crotch Candy Collective.
Well, I get something like this (Learned Russian in Highschool, but that was a long time ago):

"Nigde krome kak v Mosselprome"

(means something like "nowhere but in Mosselprome" - which is/was a store in Moskow I think)

"Smotri na oborote" (means "see on the back")

I love this ad!
It's nice to see some smiling comrades.

The candy looks pretty sucky, though. I mean, one of those things looks like an overripe banana or a piece of blood pudding.

is it just me, or is the woman's smile a bit nervous looking?