And to think they only had gin to quiet children in the industrial revolution...
True, but probably for the poorest workers (and those housed in one room with their 12 kids - can you imagine?), gin would have been the only affordable option.
That doll(?) behind the drugged kid's shoulder is disturbingly phallic. :/

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"They're talking about me... but I'll get my revenge. I've got some moloko drencrom in my bottle."
Someone's probably said this already (haven't read comments yet) but:

"Nembutal numbs it all, but I prefer alcohol!"

(TBH, until just now I never knew that was a real product.)

also wtf, is that kid part alien
What does this even MEAN??

"To serve every need *when gentleness is important..."

I assume it means the patient isn't being patient. The parents and the doctor want some gentle time...
I wonder how far this kid would have gotten if he was entered in the creepy kids in ads contest?
That kid looks large enough to amplify, too....

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I liked that book. I'm still trying to figure out how large a percentage of America's population died in the original wave, and how the heck would a construction site for a new house or skyscraper be possible?

Think about it: every building needs a basement foundation. These are by nature exposed corners that are difficult to escape but have to be open at the top for the concrete to dry. Drywalling a cellar suddenly requires armed guards. I don't think civilization could have survived 25 years without making construction an almost holy process.
It gets a yes from me both for the creepiness factor, but also because I think the drawing style is actually quite beautiful and haunting.