Because cleavage and legs sell shoe polish. Of course.

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I hardly see any 'shine' on those shoes. Where was this advertised? A Frederick's catalogue?
Not her shoes...the guy wearing the sheet behind her.

It took me a while to see his shoes. But they are shiny!
That's kind of the whole problem with this ad: nobody's going to be looking at the shoes.
...and then, as the hour grew later, Ms Witch returned the favor and taught her ghostly friend the pleasures of a well applied broomstick.
Yeah, I'm sure all her friends will be focused on her shoes.

And what the heck does "Be some pumpkin" mean?
Looks like this couple is having some Halloween fun while the kids are out trick or treating!!!
replying to myself...
I work in a shoe store and most people go "YEAH YEAH YEAH I know!" when you tell them you recommend treating their leather shoes with silicone spray or mink oil. BUT, then these are the same people who get angry when their shoes are cracking/leaking when they are obviously not taking care of them.

*rant over*
Re: replying to myself...
hahhaha! "Is it free?" Me--> Uh, No. "Then I don't want it"

me--> did anyone help you today? "YES! Do I get a discount?" me-->Uhh, No!

(Why do people think they should get a discount on stuff thats already discounted?!?)
She's going to get raped by a pumpkin with really nice shoes. Yeah, that's the kind of advertisement that sells polish.
Wow, that's some really... specific roleplaying. Does he keep his shiny shoes on the whole time?
I can see the 'naughty witch' thing as part of roleplay, but do women really ever fantasize about getting it on with pumpkin-headed ghosts?

Eh. She's in no danger. All she has to do is sing the Silver Shamrock jingle to elminate Shineyshoes Pumpkinhead there.