Contest entry - Mor, 1940s

Surprisingly, no jello in this. I read the ingredients twice to be sure.

Sorry, no witty commentary for this one. I'm too sleepy for it.
Bran muffins and prune whip in the same menu? Costive inaction must have been on somebody's mind when they dreamed this up.
That was my first thought (actually second thought, after "What the hell are those red things?"
Dear long-departed ad men - probably colour photography cost a lot of money in the days of yore - but having those red slabs laying on a grey indeterminate mound is the way to make your product as unappealing as possible.
My thoughts exactly! Coloring the "meat" bits only makes them more unappetizing. At least in black-and-white, it's minutely more appealing.
even in something more like the original colours ...

It's a nice enough layout but yeah. "poor use of spot colour for 1000, Alex"

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George Rector was a famous restauranteur of the 1920's who would have been pretty near the end of his life when this ad appeared. To give a modern parallel, imagine if someone who had been a famous chef but is now thought of as a bit cheesy ... hmm ... say if Wolfgang Puck allowed his face and testimonial to be used on an ad for SPAM. (Except, come to think of it, Puck would probably do it as a lark.)
I can't believe it's not jello! Still looks as disgusting as it :/
Bran muffins *and* prune whip? Apparently the hostess just redecorated her bathroom and wants to make sure everyone sees it.
Seriously, if you had to eat this, wouldn't you want to get it out of your system as quickly as possible? I might have suggested accompanying this with shots of ipecac (or better yet, Jello ipecac shots!), but then you would just have to taste it all over again. Better to hustle it out the back door.
And I was JUST about to go downstairs and pop open a can of SPAM. Seriously. 0_o
Potato ring, bran muffins, prune whip...if I ate all that, I'd be in the bathroom for three days.
Whu...uh... good lord. Well there goes my appetite!