They managed to make a macaroni dish look like maggots.
"maggots michael, you're eating maggots"

sorry....lost boys...i live in the 80s or 70s most days! :)
This would be edible enough if it hadn't been molded. What's up with that compulsion? It's all over midcentury cooking.
Saves time. You can put a pasta dish in a pan, bake it, and then just unmold, garnish, and go.
And as you unmold it you can try to pretend to yourself that you're not cooking justanothercasserole.
Because this looks fancier, I suppose. Unmolded and all, as if it's a fancy dish that you worked really hard on, rather than a casserole that you took out of the oven and turned out onto a plate. And it's garnished and whatnot. The goal was to save time, but not look like you were saving time.
Minus the molding & the olives, this actually looks edible. (I removed those elements but copied the rest of the recipe. Might actually try it sometime!)
Re: Yes
I love how it specified 10 olives. I guess another olive would have made it the budget-busting price of 14 cents a serving.
I want to live in a world where there is no such thing as pimentos. Seriously.
Yeah, if you removed the olives I'd eat this. I'd even eat the eggs (afterwards of course, not with spoonfuls of macaroni). It does look a little weird, though.

As for the brand...I was always more of a Creamette girl. ;)
If you cooked it in a casserole dish with the cheese on top, this might actually be tasty.