OMG that is stunning. I want that furniture in my house (and I have never said that about hotel furniture, ever).

Also, I really love the hotel room artwork in that photo. Another first. And I was an art major in college.
Very, very cute. I could see this in my living room, replacing the TV and the lamp with a flatscreen.
Nice furniture, but I have issues with the placement of the TV with respect to the bed. That desk chair doesn't look comfy and wouldn't someone prefer watching TV from the bed, even without a remote control?

I think you're meant to watch from the chair that's in the foreground of the picture, with the ottoman/footstool. A lot of channels went off the air at midnight so watching from bed wasn't as big a deal - you still had to get up and turn off the static-box once the station went off the air.
I don't, either. When i was a kid, they'd play the 'Star Spangled Banner', with waving flag, and then we'd get static, or a test pattern.

Ah, the good old days. :)
I would guess the placement of the TV in relation to the bed is simply because the broadcast day ended at midnight?
As much as I love vintage furniture, I would not want to stay in this room. It seems TOO bland to me.
Just gorgeous! They definitely don't make them like that anymore!!