Awesome! What could possibly go wrong as the cart skips off smoothly across the lawn?
That's the Safest thing I've ever seen in my life... In fact it could probably be used as a Surrogate Babysitter!
I can see the stitches and broken teeth in the making!

Kids need danger!
Wow. Back in them olden days, it was survival of the fittest!
I want one, I saw a safer version now, its lower and made by little tykes
for a additional 2 dollars u get yr own nice lil' "how can I help natural selection?" hand book...
Buy now and get a complimentary box of lawn darts!
$12.95 worth of toys...thousands of dollars in medical bills! yay!
Mmmm, the heavy wood seat sounds especially nice for bashing and bumping. The little girl actually looks rather skeptical as it is.
Holy crap! that looks dangerous! really WTH? I wonder how many kids broke bones falling off that thing? Dang!
Hello? Am I the only one who wants one badly??!! Still, I wonder why they didn't last.

"Hello? Am I the only one who wants one badly??!!"

Nope. I want one now, and I would have probably killed for one as a kid. Well, maimed, at least...

All crashing and death aside the biggest thing i see happening is a kid getting to excited climbing up, putting a had on the track and getting it run over.
Yup, the girl in the pic is almost doing it right there. Other than that big deal...I used to ride down a steep driveway shoot across the street and down the neighbors steep driveway into a creek riding on a Tonka Truck that I could barely fit on much less hold onto, and somehow I lived.
I remember those! It was 1959, I was five years old, and they had one set up at a birthday party.
Looking at it today, it just screams "litigation".
Aww. The good old days when kids were allowed to risk serious head injury in the pursuit of fun.
When kids were allowed to risk anything at all. I'm waiting for the "personal Weeble suit" that sends children tumbling and reboudning at any impact, stumble or fall.
See the little girl's hand? Looks like she already lost her fingers under that wheel :P