Pristeen, 1969

Another terrible "feminine spray" ad...this comes from the same issue of McCall's as the teddy bear one.

Am I the only one who went into a an "afterschool special" writing break about how this girl is hanging out in the field of flowers looking pensive because she's afraid to compete in team sports during summer camp on account of big Valerie Wallace who has been known to yell "Someone smells like Va-GI-NAAA!" at everyone during volleyball practice....

One spritz of Pristeen and you can be free of that field of angsty flowers forever, sad 70's girl...

OK, that made me literally LOL.

(I was going more with "She's hiding in the flower field in the desperate hope to cover up the horrific smell of her naughty bits which is radiating for miles." but yours is better.)
Girlfriend needs to stop wearing polyester underpants and other nylon type clothing. That and wash her clothes in hot water; none of that 'warm' or 'cold water' crap. And honey, get a garter belt. Those pantyhose aren't your friend.
My husband always says, "Women don't dress up for men. They dress up for each other. Men don't care what you're wearing, as long as it's easy to remove."

I think this same principle applies to the whole crotch deodorant phenomenon (let's be honest here, that's what it is, we don't need euphemisms to make it sound more "delicate"). I'm pretty sure it wasn't a man who decided that vaginas needed to smell like flowers, sunshine, and rainbows.
"Buy our product and be *nice* or feel bad about yourself, you dirty girl."

Mary MMM
They need something for folks that wear those diaper things, and you can smell shit.
Agreed. I had a customer the other day who reeked so strongly of urine, I almost vomited. I felt sorry for her.
Oh, puhleeeeze! Like a spray is going to do anything. Douche that cooch with Lysol, baby! Then scrub down with Brillo pads. If you wanna husband, you'll do it.
Yeah, she's gonna burst out singing "I Enjoy Being a Girl", any minute, now, thanks to Pristeen!
Things like these always make me wonder if everyone had yeast infections back then because of these products.