That's exactly what I thought....any woman reading that in an ad meeting would have laughed herself silly.
Is that supposed to be her 'I'm contrite, so don't yell at me too hard' face?
If you crash the car, buy your husband some nice silverware?

... That's all I've got.
two things you can do--other than hari kari

So it's A) Commit ritual suicide (niiiice joke) B) Cry and Deny C) Stand there meekly while some dude screams in your face.

The shit?

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I think the key is that "delectable aromatic madness" because if that and some silverware is all it takes to get the jerk off her case for f***ing up the car, I'll bet it has the same secret ingredient as the brownies that she bakes for the girls in her "book club."
It's about time an advertiser went after the key demographic of young women who have damaged a car and want to make it up to their significant other with kitchenware.
Oneida: for when you're kind of worried he might hit you.
Perfect summary *lol*

Christ, women in the 60's must have been quivering wrecks, what with having to act like servile children to avert the wrath of Daddy Husband in between worrying that their lady parts don't smell minty fresh enough for the master. I'd have been in prison for applying corrective cast iron skillets to Neanderthal heads myself.
So... when you've had an expensive driving accident... spend more money on tableware?
Sure, that'll really cheer him up!
I'm curious - did this ad actually work for them? Because I can't see even the '60s woman being convinced this was a good reason to buy this cutlery...err, sorry, I meant convince scary husband to spend his hard earned cash buying her cutlery so when she crashes his car (I'm sure she doesn't have her own car) she can whip up a feast and he will be pacified by the weight of the knife in his hand...oh wait, maybe that's not what they intended.
"Oneida never forgets the importance of pleasing a man."

GAG. Not to mention the inference of "did the wreck scare you? Rattle your nerves? Hurt you? Was it even your fault? Too bad! You'll stand there and take the verbal abuse you deserve, Missy!"
It could be worse. She could also be suffering from feminine odor.