An Idea...

Citizen Kane Poster 2

Since it's the Oscars on Sunday, can we do a Movie poster / Print Advertisement (but no trailers) for Academy Award winning movies? I was going to say "any movie we love", but it's nice to have a theme.

What do you think?
Wow! It's a poster that has absolutely nothing to do with the movie or any recognizable image within!

(And yes.)
Sure, but they're not THE scenes from the movie. (I admit that I didn't pay as much attention as I could have, though, because it was just so damn generic!)

It looks almost more like Gone With the Wind. He's speaking to a crowd, but it doesn't have the giant poster of his face behind him; the styling of the art doesn't immediately render the sled scene as iconic. The ones I always think about are him in the newsroom, or something involving all sorts of giant statues, etc. Maybe the opera scenes, but from here it looks like a county fair behind those curtains and not, say, Susan alone in that harem or whatever that scene was.

I agree, this poster makes it seem like an entirely different sort of film- it's completely unrecognizable, stylistically and otherwise.
Surelt the copywriters could've come up with something better than it's terrific? My bet is that they either didn't see the movie or the dark forces (re: Hearst) wouldn't allow to be specific about what the movie was about...
"It's a spectacular thorn in an 800-pound-gorilla's paw!"
"It's a swift kick in the VIP!"
"The biggest taunted house picture of all time!"
Orson must have LOVED playing Hearst, secretly-- it wan't really a stretch at all for him. Both megalomaniacs in their own way.
It was his sled!! (actually, it was his pet name for his mistress' ladybits, which is why Hearst got so bent out of shape about it. But hey, he had a gorgeous house to live in.)