An Idea...

Citizen Kane Poster 2

Since it's the Oscars on Sunday, can we do a Movie poster / Print Advertisement (but no trailers) for Academy Award winning movies? I was going to say "any movie we love", but it's nice to have a theme.

What do you think?
Wow! It's a poster that has absolutely nothing to do with the movie or any recognizable image within!

(And yes.)
Sure, but they're not THE scenes from the movie. (I admit that I didn't pay as much attention as I could have, though, because it was just so damn generic!)

It looks almost more like Gone With the Wind. He's speaking to a crowd, but it doesn't have the giant poster of his face behind him; the styling of the art doesn't immediately render the sled scene as iconic. The ones I always think about are him in the newsroom, or something involving all sorts of giant statues, etc. Maybe the opera scenes, but from here it looks like a county fair behind those curtains and not, say, Susan alone in that harem or whatever that scene was.

I agree, this poster makes it seem like an entirely different sort of film- it's completely unrecognizable, stylistically and otherwise.