This is so pretty and every time I look at the picture I notice more little details that just add to it. I really love the style of this ad.

I think you're right about the reflection though, there are at least a few things about it that are a little off, I wonder if it was on purpose or just a side affect of the style or they just didn't care since it was only an ad.

The more I stare at the differences the more I make up little stories in my head to explain it within the picture, the reflection is really a window or a picture, or her reflection has come to life and is moving by itself.
Lots of differences! It's not just the head that's bigger, but the neck and body, too, and she's wearing a different dress and earrings. I think it's a magic mirror into which she can see herself in the future. Yeah, she's put on a few, but she still has kickin' jewelry!