For the unsuccessful serial killer on your Christmas list.

Any man who had one (or more) of these would be best off never inviting any woman into his home. It would not end well.
... I would totally put one of these up in my foyer. Then again, I'm gay, and it would be entirely campy and ridiculous.
LOL, I guess that would make an exception. You could even invite women over to wonder at how weird heterosexual men seem to be.
That is just damned wrong!

Now I wonder what happened to all that were manufactured, I should keep a look out on thrifthorror for them!
Ok, this is just pain bizarre. I mean, who the hell would want women's heads on their wall?
I'm guessing that this targets a similar market as those companies that sell vintage books by the yard to decorators whose clients want to have "classy" looking bookcases without that whole tedious literacy thing. Look like an A-list serial killer sans the hassle and mess of stalking, mutilating, and dumping your own co-eds!
Oh, don't get me started on the whole book thing. I once saw fake book facades in a catalogue. Yep, they weren't even real books, just these board-type things that could be snapped into a bookcase to look as if you had books. Imagine a visitor's surprise if s/he tried to take out a volume for browsing!
$10 says it's all the same face with different shades of the same wig on. Pshaw.

...and one of the qualities is that they don't talk back!

*sigh* Really?
I'm guessing that there's also no "wig" involved. That looks like molded hair, painted in different colors.
It doesn't even look like the mouths open. What a waste of money of any serial killer wannabe or pervert, or both.
I'm personally confused by the three quarters size part. Because women's heads are so huge?
Ok, now that is just plain weird and WTF-worthy. Imagine walking into the home of a respectable older uncle or somebody and finding one of these...