Farrow's Bank for Women, 1911

I bought a stack of magazines from 1911 on eBay - and the ads in them are amazing. (Some of them really belonged in the "You're advertising WHAT?" contest. ;-) I'll probably be posting a lot of them in the days to come, and to kick off here's "Farrow's Bank for Women":

From Weldon's Ladies Journal, Aprill 1911
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All positions, except for the ones involving, you know, handling money. Might get the girls confused. Next thing, they'll probably want the vote..
Too late - it looks like the woman in that advertisment is already handling a chequebook! She is probably writing out a cheque to her local women's suffrage association. :-D See what happens when you let women have bank accounts?
A hat I think - you can see the trimmings up the top.

(There was probably some kind of obscure etiquette about banking bare-headed!)
Yes, I know about hats being standard and women having no control over their finances, I just. It's a really, exceedingly ridiculous hat...

I don't know, maybe it would look less ridiculous if the picture weren't so grainy and hard to make out. (...I doubt it.)
This is going to sound silly, but may I ask which category you searched in EBay to find these? I seriously love early 20thC womens' magazines.
Not at all! As I recall, I just typed in the search "ladies journal", selected the category "magazine" from the results, and then this popped up right near the beginning of the International Sellers listing (the magazines came from France). But most versions of eBay - there are different websites for different countries - have a varient on Books - Magazines - Womens (or Fashion) - and you can narrow the searches by publication date.

Good luck!