Two ads for mid '70s Fisher-Price Sesame Street Playset

My mother (or more likely one of her younger siblings) had this, and it came down to me and my sisters when we were kids. We promptly populated it with our Micro Machines Star Wars figures, because why the hell not?

Not an ad, but here's the interior:

The original figures or furniture (except the mail box and maybe the dining table) were all long gone before we got it.
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Holy crap. I would've played with that thing until it fell apart, and I didn't even watch Sesame Street as a kid. The whole "street" view outside, the opening doors, the furniture, the mailbox... Damn, but it's all wonderful. I'd even still take the empty shell to use it for the Ponyville figurines I may or may not have. *cough*
I've never seen this toy before, but I would have wanted it as a's adorable. I love the streetlamp and the nest on the roof for Big Bird, lol.
I had this as a kid, along with the Sesame Street Clubhouse. That one included a tire swing, a hand-cranked conveyor belt along the top which led the figurines to a curvy slide, along with a trap door on the roof.
I had this as a kid & my mom STILL has it. My two year old played with it when we were home visiting last time. Most of the pieces are gone, but she still loved it.
The kids in the ad are so adorable. I bet they really did have fun making this ad!
Aw, I remember my Pop Pop got this for me when I was around five years old. I loved this toy, as well as the Fisher-Price farm.
Aww! Very cute! I loved the Fisher Price people, but I was too old for this. I love the Gordon and Susan dolls! So cute!
I was DESPERATE for this as a child. I got the Town Center instead. It was cool, but I was still a little disappointed.
I had one of these! There was a little knobby thing on Oscar's corner so you could sit him there and his face would pop out of his trash can. I played with it SO MUCH. It was awesome. Great find!
Ahh, the good ol' pre-Elmo days.

I went on a buying spree around Christmas, and started getting random lots of Little People, to satisfy childhood nostalgia. Susan, Gordon, and Mr. Hooper are pretty common, but I still haven't gotten Big Bird, Oscar, or Cookie Monster.
I played with this at my grandmother's house. Probably passed down from some older cousins but I loved it! I inherited it when she passed and my son played with it when he was smaller (he's now 10). It's sitting on a shelf in my closet...I can't part with it!
Aww. Pre-Elmo *shudder* and there's even a Mr. Hooper. Those were the good old days of Sesame Street.

I wonder why whoever took that bottom pic put Ernie and Bert's beds in Mr. Hooper's store, though.
I am 99% sure that we had this at my grandmother's house when I was a child.
Oh, my gosh! We had one of these as kids in the '80s (I think it was passed down from my cousins). Only the people survive now in a bag in my mom's basement. I remember there was a female Oscar the Grouch in our set, though I don't remember seeing that character on Sesame Street. And the spongy material on Bert's and Ernie's beds didn't last long when my brother came along. Ah, memories!