Oh my goodness, hahaha I think I saw something like that advertised on the TV the other day.
I once attended a talk given by a doctor from UN who explained the reason for his skepticism as to the claim that heat would destroy sperms. He was in Delhi and saw this street performer/sadhu sit on hot coals. He asked the performer how many kids he had. Seven was the answer.
I really would love to know what the theory behind how this helps you lose weight is. This and those vibrating belts. How the hell are they supposed to help you lose weight?
Those vibrating belts don't help you lose weight at all BUT, if you have tight muscles: back, legs, glutes, etc... Those things are FABULOUS!
Wow. Was this from the second half of the seventies? They sure managed to find people who resembled the two stars of Wonder Woman. I 'wonder' if that was a coincidence, lol.
I also wonder who the AAU was!
The look on the man's face says, "They are NOT paying me nearly enough for this, and I hope to GOD no one I know ever sees this!"

He sort of looks like he has a small barrel around his waist, when I look at it a second time. I bet that thing is slipping off to beat the band.
He kind of looks like the love child of Chuck Conners and Lyle Waggoner. I'd think in the late 70s he could've gotten better gigs than inflatable diaper weight loss garments.

I wonder how much they paid that guy to totally ruin his modeling/acting career?