Wow, those Thorazine ads are freaky. Especially the one with the dancing meat. (OK, I know it isn't supposed to be dancing meat but that's what it looks like!)

Also I had no idea soft drinks advertised themselves for use in mental hospitals.
Catering to hospitals is big business - just think of how many stressed, thirsty people are going in and out of there all day! It's especially good as getting your soft drink into particular institution (or chain of institutions) usually means getting them to sign a contract excluding your major competitor!
Yeah, the 'disturbed ward' one is pretty unnerving. My favorite is the double-page one, though.

The Pepsi ads surprised me, too, but lilacsigil is right - it's another place to sell their product. So, makes sense.
Oh, soft drink peddlers are master marketers! They don't miss a lick.

If you're at all interested in such things, give this book a read. It's FASCINATING!
The first one feels like a visual reference to T.S. Eliot's Wasteland and The Hollow Men.

I wonder. I imagine the artist would have been familiar with Eliot's work as a literate New Yorker and/or Angeleno.
Suddenly I'd kill for a Pepsi. Also, the 'disturbed ward' artwork is terrifying.
I think the last one is my favorite of the ones in the magazines, I just find the contrasts really striking. But yeah, they're rather ... alarming.
ughhh...I don't like the last one. Creepy. Looks like he's handcuffed! I don't think I'd want to be around him when the Thorazine wears off!
They do appear to be restraints. There's another ad that uses just the photo on the left, and it's a bit clearer, but yes, he's in a hospital bed in pajama bottoms with restraint cuffs on his wrists. But now with thorazine he can get better and go home instead.
Still seems insensitive that, if he had to be restrained in the hospital, those at home would put him in any situation that could trigger memories of that. He could've been holding the yarn around his fingers instead of his wrists, like most people actually do. I'm sure they were going for [*pose* *THORAZINE!* *same pose, but happier because it's at home*] but again, it just looks insensitive to me. I'd like to hope that real patients' families knew better.

On a different note, it looks like he got plenty of exercise in the hospital. Washboard abs, man. Damn.