Oh, you know that mustache makes him super trustworthy.

I'm going to go start up a Velvo-Finishing Home Business right away.
All I know is I was watching the picture load and as soon as I saw his mustache, I knew that whatever he is selling, I want. ;)
What *is* that?
Protects and beautifies? Did those words mean something different back in the day?
Oh, yeah, I'm sure people would line up around the block to have that crap sprayed all over stuff. Not only does it look nasty, but I get the feeling it was extremely toxic and flammable. I wonder how long that guy lived after handling that stuff with his bare hands.

The least they could do is show some items that have it sprayed on, but they probably couldn't find any that looked good. Somthing tells me they eventually decided to use it to make "mink" covers for car ignitions, giving them a "Velvo" finish:


It all makes sense now.
This looks like another example of why presentation of a product is important. It looks like he's showing off the results of running a drain snake through the shower drains at the Hirstute Men's Club or something.

So is this stuff like some kind of flocking or spray-on velvet? Was there ever really high demand for that?
Re: It's flock, actually.
ok so you could make a living spraying flock? ha!
"Velvo-Finish" is one of the most obscene-sounding terms yet. They totally missed the chance to use it on that mink keyhole cover a few entries back.
i *think* its some sort of fuzzy fiber bits in a glue/resin that you spray on objects to give them that velvet-painting texture that you find on the "color it yourself!" artist kits.

like velveteen posters, you know?