That goat is so wasted! He doesn't normally find the barmaid attractive, but it's late, all the other chicks have been picked up, and that's what beer goggles are for. She knows she shouldn't engage in bestiality, but the guy is a hell of a tipper and she's trying to pay her way through college.

Seriously, I agree that is great detail. Decorated stockings must have been so scandalous. A woman is actually inviting a man to look at her legs! :O
Re: Yes
I get the impression they were quite common actually, just from books I've read. But definitely a bit racy.
She's got some grip to be able to hold onto the handles of all those beer steins. I also picture them doing the can can.

There's something written on the beer barrel, can anyone make it out? It doesn't look like Bock but I could be wrong.