OW! I can hear the hand model: "You want me to stick my livelihood into WHAT now?"
The Band-aid may not loosen in water, but the little cotton pad gets all soaked and then you're just keeping wet, gross cotton pressed up against your wound! Yuck.
And of course when you try to remove it, it hurts like a b!+ç#!!! That's SuperStick technology. ;)
I remember an old Don Martin cartoon in MAD magazine where a kid is grunting and groaning for two panels trying to peel off his Band-Aid until his mother gets so sick of it she waltzes into the room and RIPs it off. The last panel shows that the Band-Aid has been peeled off, along with two perfect rectangles of dripping flesh.
If a portion of my body, or the whole epidermal enchilada, is subjected to a serious accidental scald due to direct immersion in boiling water, it's good to know the band-aid on my paper cut will hold reliably. And what was in the discard pile of ideas before egg....egg?...and boiling water won out for the adhesion demo? Marshmallow and cocoa? Apple and acid? Baseball and bisque?
More than fifty years later, there are still only two kinds of Band-Aids: Those that won't stay on, and those that won't come off.