We've got your Slumber Number! & SANTA LOOK OUT!

Two images from New York Central Railroad's magazine ads of 1946, emphasizing train travel in luxury style.  NOT a contest entry.  Second image is very large, may load slowly. 

Way before Lindsay Wagner started hawking the Sleep Number bed, New York Central Railroad had our number - the "Water Level Route"
and the dramatic lines of a train swooshing along the Hudson Valley at night.  (pic courtesy of Period Paper, a great site).

New York Central Railroad, 1946

*and one large, detailed one from Wishbook on Flickr, Santa in a horrific near-collision D:
CAUTION:  HUGE: 2908x3862

If you're ever in Sacramento, CA, go to the railroad museum. They have a Pullman sleeping car that is set up as if it were nighttime, and has both passing lights and signal gate sounds outside the windows and also rocks slightly and rumbles over the tracks. I could spend all day in there. It's magical. More here.