YES! I know it's not part of the contest, but I don't care!
Awww! I have cats that look like those cats!
Sweet - how nice to see real cats doing real cat stuff, not posed pedigrees.
So lovely! ♥
Though I have to say the mother looks really small compared to kittens. Poor thing.
Aw, man...I love Walter Chandoha! I had a cat book with his photos when I was really young - before I could read! I swear that he's the man who inspired me to take cat photos, although I didn't realise he was inspiring me at the time.

I love this ad. I wish I could order the print like it says in the ad...
This ad is just adorable! I like this sort of ad better than the ads nowadays-- I don't know why, but I think it's just so much cuter. :D
What a good mama cat!

A few years after this ad, there was a Puss 'n Boots TV commercial featuring Yogi Berra conversing with a talking cat who was extolling the virtues of Puss 'n Boots to the Yankees icon...and the chatty feline was voiced by Berra's longtime batterymate and Hall of Famer, Whitey Ford.
I daresay cats don't need cereals, whole-grain or otherwise. Sorry Puss 'n Boots.