And makes no noise at all. We can't promise that for the operator.

Because you know the girls just can't stop blathering! Am I right, fellas??
Woo-Hoo! the monster calculator!

And folks, it's $995.00 in 1964 dollars what does this mean??

What cost $995.00 in 1964 would cost $6,331.68 in 2006.
Also, if you were to buy exactly the same products in 2006 and 1964,
they would cost you $995.00 and $156.36 respectively.

Courtesy of, the Inflation Calculator!------>

Yeah, I was thinking that $995 was probably twice her monthly salary, but I thought the ad was more recent. In 1964, probably closer to 3-4 months.

That inflation calculator is very cool.