hungarian unintentionally gay

The korona was the currency in Hungary from 1892 to 1925, so this advertisement comes from then.

The text reads:
A household product you cannot do without is Brázay brand sósborszesz[1]. The price for a large bottle is 2 korona. The price for a small bottle is 1 korona. Instructions for use will be included with each bottle.

[1] I don't know how to translate sósborszesz. Literally, it means "salty wine alcohol." Hungarian Wikipedia says it is made of water, kitchen salt, fine alcohol, ethyl-acetate, and menthol-crystals, and that the latin name is: Spiritus menthae cum sale. It is called Francovka in Czech and Franzbranntwein in German.

It was used as a remedy for rheumatism and was applied by rubbing it onto the legs to relieve pain and increase blood circulation.
In those days this would not have been considered at all sexual.

Through today's eyes though we see a twink spreading lotion on an otter?
yep, these are probably meant to be two straight pals rubbing each other down after a visit to the public baths, or something. :)
from the description, it sounds almost like a ben-gay (yeah, yeah, i know) type product. so, something to rub on sore muscles.
yeah, sore joints, sore muscles, reumatism, pregnancy related backaches. I said "legs" in the entry, but then read the wikipedia article more carefully and realised it wasnt just legs but anywhere that hurts.

Was Ben-gay around back then? Anyway, I suppose this is just some sort of tonic that you put on yourself or your lover's post coital aching back, as we can see from the ad.
honestly, i'm pretty sure people were making up tinctures of alcohol, wintergreen, and peppermint for eons and using it as a muscle rub. the combo just *works*.
oh. we don't have the ben-gay brand here, so i didnt really know what was in it. i have tried some creams with menthol in them and they worked nicely for sore muscles.
ben-gay is (as i remember) wintergreen extract, peppermint extract, the active ingredient from asprin, all in either an alcohol base, a petroleum base, or a cream base. so different formulas, but they all work pretty well.

i cant use them because they burn my skin. and my ex husband learned the hard way that you MUST wash your hands VERY well after using them, and before you decide to use the toilet. (i was amused. he was not.)
i uh also learned the hard way that certain things cannot be used as lube. not this stuff on this article specifically, but there was menthol involved with whatever it was.

also wash your hands before you touch your eyes. countless times i've rubbed some cream onto myself, then went to rub my eye, and been in pain.
It sounds a bit like Absorbine Jr. (*surprising old-time use of A.Jr.) and is described as a "body rub".

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I was rather confused when I saw you here! :-)

Sorry, BTW, for not responding to your comments a while back--I always really appreciate them, but there's always so much on my mind right now... Sigh.
i was feeling guilty too for not responding to some of yours -- i read them and mean to respond but sometimes i just...can't communicate, even though i want to.
That Latin name is what???

Think I'll skip the "salty wine alcohol." Here's a korona. Give me a Corona!

I might say it's "unintentionally" gay if both men weren't shirtless. Really, does the dude on the left need to strip to help his buddy with the sore back? Well, maybe the stuff stains clothes.