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Volim što sam lezbejka zato što su žene lepe

hungarian unintentionally gay

The korona was the currency in Hungary from 1892 to 1925, so this advertisement comes from then.

The text reads:
A household product you cannot do without is Brázay brand sósborszesz[1]. The price for a large bottle is 2 korona. The price for a small bottle is 1 korona. Instructions for use will be included with each bottle.

[1] I don't know how to translate sósborszesz. Literally, it means "salty wine alcohol." Hungarian Wikipedia says it is made of water, kitchen salt, fine alcohol, ethyl-acetate, and menthol-crystals, and that the latin name is: Spiritus menthae cum sale. It is called Francovka in Czech and Franzbranntwein in German.

It was used as a remedy for rheumatism and was applied by rubbing it onto the legs to relieve pain and increase blood circulation.
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