You can see the distress in her eyes at being forced to pose in native dress while holding a plate of spam and pineapple.

Although I bet it tastes good.

And, judging by the look on her face, the least of which is to possibly eat it...
Apparently it was the meat du jour in Hawaii during and after ww2 because of rationing and military presence there, and it's still very, very popular.

This, however, sounds a bit...ucky.
Man, that sounds really good to me. I'd prefer to use Fresh Market's coconut-mango sauce instead of a dry mix (it's just like sweet'n'sour, but without any bell peppers or salt,) but even with a mix, I'd eat it. It's actually quite close to the way I usually make Spam & rice, already.

It needs to be crisped in the wok a lot more than it appears to be in the pic, though. Crispy/charred Spam is convenience food of the gods.
Dead and carrying a plate of spam. That might be the worst thing I've ever heard.
The ad agency was probably clueless about that. Even if the model was photographed correctly, the image might have been reversed when they did the layout. That happens all the time and they figured most people wouldn't catch it (I sure didn't!)
She must have done terrible, terrible things in her life to be stuck peddling Spam in the afterlife.
I never before considered the karmic implications of Spam, but it's all becoming clear to me now. There's a reason the Universe allows this stuff to exist. If you find yourself having to serve and eat Spam, you may want to consider what you may have done to piss off the Universe.