pikkewyntjie (pikkewyntjie) wrote in vintage_ads,

Contest Entry: The Roman Orgy at Magic Time Machine (1979)

Sorry, The Roman Orgy refers to what's on the plate, not the people holding it. Then again, depending on how well you tip . . . 
I think the phrase "a conglomerate of Roast of Beef Feast" alone makes this contest-worthy. As for the corn, potatoes, and possibly the bananas being anachronistic, please note they do not say "Ancient" Roman. 

Magic Time Machine is a chain of restaurants in Texas. It's still around and the Roman Orgy is still available. As long as I lived in Texas, I never got to eat there, sadly. Seems like every time I planned to go something would come up. 
Tags: 1970s, contest entry, food, restaurants
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