Contest Entry: The Roman Orgy at Magic Time Machine (1979)

Sorry, The Roman Orgy refers to what's on the plate, not the people holding it. Then again, depending on how well you tip . . . 
I think the phrase "a conglomerate of Roast of Beef Feast" alone makes this contest-worthy. As for the corn, potatoes, and possibly the bananas being anachronistic, please note they do not say "Ancient" Roman. 

Magic Time Machine is a chain of restaurants in Texas. It's still around and the Roman Orgy is still available. As long as I lived in Texas, I never got to eat there, sadly. Seems like every time I planned to go something would come up. 
I am not in the mood for la-dee-da-dee, if la-dee-da-dee involves being force-fed hunks of beef and under-ripe bananas by a glasses-wearing shark dude. Thanks for asking.

ETA: Though after looking at the website, this is clearly the venue for the vintage-ads meetup!

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Nope, I'm seeing yellow bananas. I can't eat them until they're pretty spotty and super-sweet; sooner than that and they burn my mouth and throat.

Maybe they have a vegan la-dee-da-dee to your body. It used to be you could only get that kind of thing in California. But that still wouldn't solve the banana issue. As for glasses-wearing shark dude, you're on your own.
Nice to see the Unabomber had gainful employment as a Magic Time Machine shark in the 70s.
I've been to the Magic Time Machine many times. It is an AWESOME restaurant. I highly recommend going there.

When someone orders the Roman Orgy the waiters and waitresses (Who actually wear costumes of various people. I was served by Waldo (from Where's Waldo?), Superman, and Esmeralda (from the Hunchback of Notre Dame) the three times I've gone) don togas and carry the plates in a line screaming out "RO-MAN ORGY! RO-MAN ORGY!"

And when its you're birthday they make you wear balloons on your head and parade you through the restaurant. Each booth has its own theme.
But good lord that plate of...whatever (please just don't call it food) rivals any 50's ad I have seen in sheer grossness. The "sack o' sauce in a can o' meat" looks more appetizing that than. Hell, the stuffed wartime beef liver looks more enticing than that.

Still, total yes on the ridiculousness of the ad.

I went to the Magic Time Machine in Addison several times as a kid and loved it, went once as an adult and smirked all the way through a severely mediocre dinner(it was an office party). Our poor waiter was supposed to be Groucho Marx but didn't have the mustache to go along with it.

I remember whenever they brought the Roman Orgy out for a table they would sing The Witchdoctor(novelty song that had OOH-EE-OOH-AH-AH-TING-TANG-WADDA-WADDA-BING-BANG as the chorus). I always wanted to sit in the giant crayon box but never got the chance.
The one in Addison is the one I know about. It wasn't until I found this ad that I discovered there are other locations. Like I said, I never got to go, but I know a lot of people who did and told me about it. A boyfriend of mine went there for a bachelor party or something like that and he said that one guy asked where the restroom was and a waiter "escorted" him. As they passed other tables, the waiter would point to the guy and loudly exclaim "Hey, this guy's gotta pee!"
I knew a lady who was considering taking a church group there and after I told her about the Roman Orgy and the bathroom story, she reconsidered. Probably a good call in that case.