Contest: Ministry of Food, 1942

From a time and a place where meat was hard to come by:

"American pork sausage meat is the best bargain I ever tasted."

(Ministry of Food ad from the Times (London), March 3rd 1942)
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Yes, but eww!
Dear British Allies,

In appreciation for serving with us so faithfully during these difficult times, please accept this token of our appreciation: cans and cans of grisly, greasy low quality pork by-products guaranteed to clog the arteries and pack on the pounds in spite of austere wartime rationing.

In other words, this is payback for the War of 1812, bitches!

The United States of America
Re: Yes, but eww!
If this was a "fish in advertising" contest rather than a "meat in advertising" contest, I'd hunt out some MoF advertisements for canned snoeck. Apparently it was so awful that they couldn't persuade the ration-starved British to eat it, and it wound up being re-branded as cat food some years later.

(But it wasn't from America - South Africa instead, I believe. Payback for the Boer War this time!)
Re: Yes, but eww!
I've had snoek - in South Africa - and I thought it was great. It was actually at a place near Cape Town called Snoekies! It was one of these dumpy little fish shack in an industrial area near the docks that only the locals know about (a local took me there) and it was awesome. They also had the best calamari I have ever had!

Oh, anyway, I have a feeling a lot of otherwise good food was made pretty much inedible during the war because of rationing. The food production companies took shortcuts because they knew they could. That's my theory.
Ministry of Food is hereby the name of my invite-only restaurant.
Re: Yes
So are you going to use authentic Ministry of Food recipes?

(Thanks, but I think I'll pass!)
I bet the Brits ate that stuff, too. Things were awfully grim during WWII for them. And rationing continued after the war for a while, too.